Bonded Pair; Owner Died

Today a man walked into the shelter with a 10 yr old terrier and 10 yr old cat.

Sadly their owner died. 😢 Without a foster, new home, or rescue this kitty’s world is about to end and it breaks my heart.

All this kitty has ever known was a loving, calm, great life with her elderly owner and now she’s in a shelter full of noise and smells she never has been exposed to. The man said the cat was with her since she was a kitten, for 10 years, vetted regularly, and well cared for. Shit, now I know the story and it’s burning my heart. I am doing everything I can to save this kitty, and help her find a forever home, to erase this horrible experience she had today.


UPDATE: we were able to get them back together! The pair is coming to Seattle to be fostered.

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