About 6Dogrees

captjack16dogrees  – a 501c3 – is a small, grassroots rescue focusing on saving local & CA death-row dogs.  Why CA? We save “red listed” dogs meaning those with less than 12 hours to be rescued. A good percentage of these dogs end up on the euthanasia list by no fault of their own. Pet stores are over selling dogs, backyard breeders, & puppy mill dogs are a big part of the problem. As they breed the new trendy dogs, these “less desirable” dogs are discarded. The dogs end up in the streets and shelters.
We help many dogs in California because 800 dogs per day are dying there. The lack of spay and neuter, and education also adds to the problem leaving many agencies with very limited resources to help the animals.

Our beginnings
Karleen used her bonus check money from her job a few years ago to launch a sustainable rescue idea with a “Save it forward” concept. Maintaining her full-time job, Karleen now spends most of her free time rescuing dogs and finding them a forever home.

It can cost $400 to save even a healthy dog. When dogs are adopted they are fully vetted spayed/neutered and microchiped. 6 Dogrees rescue uses all of the adoption fees for the dogs welfare, vetting & boarding. We are doing business as a “not for profit rescue” All adoption fees, donations go directly to saving red listed euthanasia dogs. For every dog we adopt out we rescue one more and pay on the additional vet bills of sick dogs for pay-it-forward rescuing. We feel by remaining small we can better manage and care for the dogs that need us. 6dogrees is a passionate rescue based off love and volunteers.

TAX ID – 46-2890502