emma_and_peeps Do you love dogs? 6 dogrees Rescue is in Urgent need of Fosters!
If you have what it takes to save a life by offering a warm home and lots of love to a shelter dog. We would love to have you on our team.

What does it mean to be a foster for a rescue dog?
A foster provides a loving safe environment until the dog finds a forever home.
A foster builds a dog’s confidence through positive training & practicing basic commands.
A foster helps create a successful routine and teach basics i.e. potty training, recall training and basic obedience these are all positive attributes that ensure successful placement.

You may be asked to transport the dog to adoption events & vet if needed.

6 dogrees Rescue pays for all of the vetting while a dog is in foster care.

The dogs we save are euthanasia dogs, meaning they were out of time in the shelter due to no fault of their own. Rarely do we know the history of the dogs that we save. Fostering provides a chance to learn about the dog and their behaviors, habits and personality. The most rewarding part about being a foster is knowing you are helping save a life!

Fostering for a rescue is a critical function for a rescue and the truth is we can not save lives with out fosters. Fostering allows us to “rescue” and keep saving lives. If interested in fostering please fill out our on line foster application at for questions please email:

Click here to see some before/after pictures of our dogs in the shelter, and then in their foster homes.
Thank you!