Adele’s Puppies Pupdate

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Amy Card and staff at Sycamore Creek Animal hospital. Without their help and care Adele and her babies wouldn’t be alive. Sycamore Creek is a true role model and sets the bar for best rescue vet hospital!

They truly understand the woes of rescue and how much of a team effort it takes to make it work in favor of the dogs that need help. The Sycamore team put in hours of care for Adele & her babies. The puppies are very well adjusted because of their love and hands on care. Team Sycamore has been with Adele from day one. Adele was used as a bait breeding dog her teeth were filed down and at age 7 a risky pregnancy required a “C” section. While underway it was discovered she had a collar in her stomach. She had eaten a collar at some point to survive. It breaks my heart that many dogs are treated so poorly and neglected like this. Dr Amy Card & staff saved her life & 6 out of 7 babies lives one passed away. I am so grateful for a vet team that gives back. Bonnie & Chance are being adopted by staff members Krista & Kaylie and they will be forever loved. We learned Bonnie is a special needs neurological pup… but not to worry Krista Dunlop has her heart



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