Featured Adoptable Dog: Sully Sullenberger

Meet Sully Sullenberger! Sully is calm, cute and loves to cuddle. His facial expressions are very distinguished, and he has a very determined look about him that is over the top adorable!

Sully loves to be a lap dog and is semi-active walks well on a leash and does well with other small dogs. His story: Sully was rescued from a very overcrowded shelter in CA and we do not know his past history. Sully is seeking a home that is routine, calm and loving. At his foster home he is allowed on furniture, and loves to sleep with his people – we want a home that allows the same for him.

Sully would be a great companion dog for a semi-active household and will include him as part of the family. Sully is a inside dog, and considered to be “hypo allergenic” he requires professional grooming and brightening shampoo, every 6-7 weeks. He is a handsome, sweet, loving boy that loves to cuddle and be with people. He bonds quickly to his person and is ok with other dogs.

We do not know how he is with cats or children. Respectful children over 12 years old are ok.

Adoption Application is here. 

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