Holiday Fund-Raiser Success

My heart feels so full today. Thank you to all that support 6dogrees Rescue, 4 years ago I would have never imagined this moment. Team 6dogrees is a great team, built on the love for dogs, all wonderful & caring people, from Foster’s to adopters and supporters. At the end of the event we gave a high five! We raised over 5,000 on a rainy day in December. Who would of thought Jeff Odom? You knocked it out of the park! I observed so much kindness and love for the dogs we saved yesterday. To think these were all dogs that were going to to be euthanized is unimaginable. And now here they are, safe in loving homes, changing lives, and loved more than one could imagine. Thank you everyone who adopts a dog from any rescue or shelter.

A big thank Thanks to Sam the owner of http:// for donating your time and silent auction items!

I know it was a very long day being Santa for the dogs and we really appreciate your support.

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