Teddy’s Story: An Unexpected Rescue

My visit to South Seattle Vet tonight – all I meant to do was drop by to pick up some medicine. Immediately, I saw a elderly lady in a arm sling &  another woman who I assumed was her daughter, both sobbing on the bench. My heart sank. What happen? Or do I dare ask?

I did. Their 7 Yr old Pomeranian was attacked by the neighbors Golden Retriever and sustained puncture wounds & crushed ribs. The other daughter, was watching the Retriever for the neighbors, while they were out of town. Sadly, they are unavailable to receive a phone call. The surgery was estimated at $3,000 and after learning this they cried more. They had no credit cards, were denied CARE credit, and had no financial assistance to help. They would have to euthanize their dog. The nurse handed their little dog Teddy back to them to go say goodbye to her 7 Yr old son.



It was heart wrenching to watch this little fluff ball be handed off to say goodbye. I know he has a chance to live but they had no financial means to help him. I stepped in …I had to, I couldn’t stand it. I offered to put his surgery on 6dogrees Rescue account at South Seattle Vet. They cried more …the receptionist cried, everyone was crying. I was like “what just happened? I just dropped by for some medicine!”

Teddy now has a chance and a little 7 Yr old boy won’t have to deal with saying goodbye to his Teddy. Any contributions you can make to Teddy’s bill are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. 

Donations can be made here.

Or if you prefer using paypal, you can click the Donate button below.

Payments can also be made directly on Teddy’s bill by calling South Seattle Vet directly at 206-242-8338. Be sure to say you are “donating for Teddy under 6dogrees Rescue”.Thank you for all your support!


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